This is a hacking session in which participants will conceptualize, create and present their projects. Anything goes as long as its music and/or audio related.

This is a standard hackathon format with a few twists. Its during the day on Saturday and Sunday, not 24 consecutive hours. It all ends with a showcase event, and prizes will be awarded by our sponsors. 
Harman will provide some very cool hackable wireless loudspeaker systems, and we’ll also provide hackable instruments based on the BeagleBone.

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Hackathon Sponsors


Best use of online / cloud application

Abbey Road Mastering Session

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No requirements. All are welcome, from the experienced hacker to the newbie wannabe. Registration may close early though if demand is high.

How to enter

To register for the event you do not need any team plans, you can create a project individually, as part of a prearranged team or just turn up and find someone to collaborate with at the event. At the start of the event there will be an opportunity for individuals to propose ideas and ask for collaborators to get involved with any idea. Every individual will need to register for the event separately.


David Ronan

David Ronan

Judging Criteria

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